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Joanne Smith

Joanne Smith


Price to Profit Consulting

Joanne Smith has over twenty years of experience in business-to-business (B2B) marketing, pricing, and change management leadership roles.

At the formation of DuPont’s Corporate Marketing and Sales organization, Joanne was brought in as the global marketing and pricing director. For over six years, she drove pricing excellence across the $30 Billion revenue company which includes a diverse set of businesses serving industries ranging from industrial, automotive, packaging, agricultural, nutrition, safety, electronics to protective apparel.

Starting with no pricing organization and weak company-wide pricing, Joanne guided the transformation from a company with eroding pricing to a company with high pricing performance, competency and significantly higher profits.

Smith’s passion, purpose, and power lie in managing change within organizations to transform their capabilities for superior results. During her career, she was fortunate to work with enlightened leaders who had the courage to embrace change on a large scale.

Joanne is the author of The Price and Profit Playbook which will be available September, 2013. The book provides a play by play guide for leaders to improve their company’s ability to price for superior profits. After working with over 60 diverse businesses and leaders in DuPont, Joanne was able to see the patterns – in leadership, strategy, people, processes, and systems – that distinguished the best performing businesses from the average performing businesses. It is this knowledge, along with her natural approach of developing practical effective solutions, that forms the foundation of her book and which she brings to her client engagements.

As a presenter at several marketing and pricing conferences, Joanne has lectured on how to transform marketing and pricing for greater financial reward.

Beginning her career at DuPont as a chemical engineer, Joanne first worked in and managed chemical manufacturing plants. She transitioned into product line management, business management, and marketing management roles. DuPont also tapped into her change management abilities when they selected her to lead the company’s adoption of the rigorous Six Sigma methods for process improvement across all the functions.

Attaining superior results has always been the “goal line” for this innovative leader and pricing expert. Today, Joanne runs Price-to-Profits, a consultant firm that assists B2B companies in transforming their pricing performance to enhance long-term profitability.

Meena Panchapakesan

Meena Panchapakesan


Meena Panchapakesan is a Business Manager with over fifteen years experience in business strategy, M&A and marketing.
At DuPont Corporate Marketing, she led Pricing projects that helped businesses improve their profitability in the short run, and marketing capability in the long run.  Besides developing pricing strategies for both existing products and new launches, she has extensive training experience.  She has designed and conducted training sessions for over five hundred DuPont marketing managers through workshops and seminars.
Before joining DuPont in 2006, she was a Global Marketing Manager at Celanese, where she held P&L responsibility for a portfolio of seven products.  She also led a multifunctional team to restructure the business and make it profitable in twelve months.
Meena is a Chartered Accountant, with an MBA (Finance) from the Leonard Stern School of Business, New York University.