Pricing Consulting Services



“Smith’s one-day pricing course was fantastic. She provided practical insights we had not considered before. Our group of business, marketing and sales participants believe they will be better at pricing in the future as a result of this course. Smith is a great teacher who knows her stuff .  I would recommend this course to any B2B company interested in improving their profits. “                              Arthur Schultheiss, Director of Global Sales, Air Liquide Healthcare America Corporation

“This is the best course I have taken in my career.  Our full sales force should take this course.”          Sales Leader, European Plastics Industry

Joanne’s rapid pricing transformation evaluation absolutely exceeded our expectations. The entire team was delighted with the engagement. We now have a 2 year roadmap to guide our pricing transformation initiative. Joanne brings outstanding pricing experience and credibility to this effort. I would recommend this approach to others interested in making a meaning improvement in their pricing capability.”                    Matthew Mears, Manager, Strategic Pricing, Lennox Industries Inc.


Transforming your company’s pricing performance and capability

Can pricing consultants help you increase profits? Absolutely. Pricing is two-to four times more effective at delivering profits that any other business lever….more than volume, fixed cost, and variable cost. Yet, of the 4P’s of marketing – product, promotion, place, and price – it is arguably the most under invested lever in the B2B environment.

Transforming your pricing to deliver superior profits – through optimized price and volume decisions – requires more than just price-setting capabilities. It requires changes in culture, strategy, organizational structure and skill, processes, and systems.

Price to Profits Consulting (P2P) is uniquely qualified to help you. With each engagement, you are guided by Joanne Smith, a proven leader who successfully led the pricing transformation of DuPont. She brings the unique perspective that can only come from someone who has been the head of pricing in a highly diverse and complex company – and who has successfully transformed the pricing from weak to outstanding. Author of The Price and Profit Playbook, Joanne brings 20 years of pricing and marketing leadership experience to you – from strategy to execution.

Pricing Consultant Engagements: 

Smith will personally tailor each engagement and partner with you to meet your unique needs. P2P Consulting’s goal is not to do pricing for you; it is to coach, guide and position you to become pricing leaders year after year.

Pricing Advisor:

Whether you are just starting your pricing efforts or looking to advance your current capability, Smith can partner with you, as your trusted advisor and thought partner, to identify your gaps and help you transform your companies performance and capability.  From price setting to execution, from company/business culture and strategy, to marketing & sales pricing skills to your processes and systems, we are there to guide you to success.

Rapid Pricing Transformation Evaluation:

A personalized assessment will determine the pricing maturity of the company and provide targeted insights on the highest value areas to address. The assessment includes interviews with appropriate leaders, marketing, sales, and pricing resources as well as high level data analysis.

Price Strategy, Setting, and Performance Management:

The most advantageous approach for the majority of companies is addressing the three levels of pricing; Strategic, Value-based and Transactional pricing. Smith helps you determine your strategy relative to these three levels and leads, coaches, or trains your organization to perform these functions.

Strategy Pricing:

Through a thorough understanding of your competitors, the market, and macroeconomics you can take advantage of positive market dynamics to increase your pricing.

Value-Based Pricing:

Segmenting your markets and customers based on their value needs, you can enhance your value by modifying the offering to the segment needs then capturing a premium for this value.

Transactional Pricing:

Setting the right sales and pricing policies then assuring you adhere to these policies is an area that many companies leak value day-after-day. P2P Consulting will help you identify and correct these areas of price leakage.

Pricing Execution:

Setting the right price is only half the battle. Effectively executing new prices requires skills from business leaders, marketing leaders and sales resources. We help you with tools, best practices, and training to increase your success rate. Pricing

Pricing Transformation:

Achieving superior profits from pricing often requires changes in behaviors that flow down from the company leaders through the marketing and sales organizations. Rewards, recognition, processes, and systems need to support an urgency and passion for price and profits. Smith guides you through the changes your company needs to optimize profits.

Pricing Organization:

P2P Consulting helps you structure (or re-structure) your pricing resources to ensure you have the skill and structure to effectively set prices and drive a culture that is dedicated to pricing excellence.


P2P Consulting’s on-site training programs give you and your staff the education and tools needed to execute our proven strategies. Just as every organization is unique, our training programs are uniquely tailored to your different needs: from the essential training imperative for your pricing resources, to the training needed for your marketing and sales organization, to the high level training needed for your top leaders.  Our training has received exceptional participant feedback with over 95% indicating they will be able to price better and 100% recommending the course to others.


Smith offers to bring to you tailored presentations designed to inspire your leadership team and reinforce pricing best practices through your marketing and sales organization.

Pricing consultants can make a difference for you.