The Pricing Book

The Pricing and Profit Playbook

TESTIMONIALS – The Pricing and Profit Playbook

“Joanne’s lively conversational style makes this book an easy read. Her wisdom about embedding sound pricing principles into the culture of a large organization makes it a lasting reference for executives and senior leaders.”  Thomas Nagle, The Strategies and Tactics of Pricing

“Joanne Smith is well known throughout the pricing discipline as a thought leader and The Price and Profit Playbook bring her expertise to the forefront. Starting with the basics and continuing through the organizational and cultural changes necessary to improve pricing, this playbook will be an invaluable resource to lead managers to profitable growth”.  Kevin Mitchell, President, Professional Pricing Society

” I have been a longtime fan of Joanne Smith, who’s rapid rise at DuPont from chemical engineer to pricing guru provided the road map for successful implementation for setting and getting prices – driving superior and immediate results on company profitability. Setting and getting prices requires innovation and commitment to process. Her ‘playbook’ will lead managers to effect transformative change while delivering prosperity within organizations.” Mark R. Leffler, Vice President Development, Connection Chemical LP and Assistant Professor of Management, McGowan School of Business, King’s College

“This is an insightful, pragmatic view of pricing—with all its daunting complexities–from the practitioner’s perspective. Joanne helps the reader to understand the business obstacles she faced, and then the strategies, approaches, and tools she employed to tackle them.”  Lisa Thompson, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

“I have first-hand experience using the approaches discussed in this book. They effectively drove significant profit improvement for my businesses. If you are looking to transform your pricing, I recommend this read.” Keith Smith, Former DuPont Vice President and General Manager, Engineering Plastics

“In today’s world of constant tension between the value a firm creates and the price they ultimately receive, it takes a committed, holistic and strategic perspective to truly optimize profitability effectively across any business.  This book is the ultimate insider’s playbook of how one of the world’s great organizations was able to achieve tremendous success through Pricing & Profit Management Excellence in a relatively short period of time.  A must-read for leaders of pricing, marketing, or really any type of commercial business function.”  Todd Freeman, former Group Manager of Marketing Effectiveness, DuPont

“Driving large-scale change in a multi-national company is difficult under the best circumstances. Driving large-scale change in pricing, the domain of all and none, is nearly impossible. Joanne’s experience, as described in her book, is thought-provoking and contains insights with practical business application.” Richard Hayes, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

“A strategic guide on building an organization that can get the price right. The book delivers a painstakingly detailed process that is tried and tested to deliver superior results.” Meena Panchapakesan, Former DuPont Marketing Effectiveness Manager



Can a superior pricing-strategy framework actually shift your profits from mediocre to OUTSTANDING?

It did for one of the world’s largest corporations!

Never before has a pricing playbook made crossing the goal line so clear.

Because most B2B companies don’t know how to fully extract the value of a multi-faceted pricing transformation, their potential to score big falls short. The Pricing and Profit Playbook tackles this challenge by providing simplified, practical ways to improve profits through an under-invested component—pricing. It shows exactly how to transform your pricing performance one play at a time.

This playbook’s holistic approach covers the key management elements (culture, strategy, people, processes, and systems) needed to unlock superior pricing in five proven plays:

Play 1: The Right Corporate Team & The Right Culture Transform, build, leverage, and accelerate

Play 2: The Right Business Team Define the right roles and skills for marketing, sales, and pricers

Play 3: The Right Price Use practical approaches to strategic, value, and transactional price

Play 4: The Right Execution Effectively increase and decrease price to optimize price and volume

Play 5: The Right Systems Invest in the right processes, systems, and tools Leaders gain insight into powerful ways to create the kind of culture and behaviors so many companies fail to do.

Practical tools, diagnostics, and checklists assist pricers in setting price and sales leaders in executing the new pricing. They also help executives diagnose their organization’s pricing capability.

This book’s advice and solutions have been tested in businesses from automotive to agriculture and chemicals to cosmetics. The results? Mediocre returns have turned into outstanding profits leaders rave about.

The Pricing & Profit Playbook shows leaders how to transform and sustain high-profit pricing throughout their organization.

Joanne Smith will present at the October 2013 Professional Pricing Society.